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With traditional threaded pencil zincs, more often than not, the zinc rod gets stuck in the engine cooler or machinery component in which it is installed. This happens for two reasons. First, the swollen rod is stuck to the cooler wall and when the plug is removed it un-threads from the rod, leaving it behind. Second, the threads of the rod are often fused to the plug due to corrosion. In this case, both ends of the rod are immobile and the torque applied to the plug is directly translated to the weakened zinc rod causing it to break at the vulnerable shoulder area (where the rod transitions from its full diameter to the reduced diameter of its threaded end). In either case, the rod is left behind inside the engine component. Stuck rods are frustrating, time consuming and sometimes expensive turning what should be an easy maintenance job into a project. Removing stuck anodes may necessitate removing cooler end caps, which are not always accessible without removing other engine components. This in turn can expose gaskets that need replacement or disturb parts that themselves are not in prime condition and suddenly they need service or replacement as well. Complication from what should be the trivial task of anode replacement results in extra hours on your yard bill or, for do-it-your-selfers on a schedule and a budget, extra trips to the boat and the parts desk - not to mention lost days on the water.


REDZnEngine Anodes (“reds”) with patented ExtractionAction™ makes replacing the vitally important anodes an easy, self-contained job. The superior design replaces the threaded connection between the rod and the plug with a simple and robust retention mechanism designed to allow rotation between the rod and the plug. This added degree of rotational freedom coupled with secure rod retention transforms the plug into a de-facto anode puller completely eliminating torsional forces that cause breakage. Instead, as the plug is removed from the cooler via its external threads, a linear pulling force is applied along the strongest direction of the rod ensuring extraction – and since there are no threads, REDZn Engine Anodes make it impossible for the plug to disengage from stuck rods. Additional design elements prevent fusion at the problematic area of the plug opening. Removal of REDZnanodes is as simple and reliable as unscrewing the plug – no extra hassles – which means a lot if you've ever been contorted in an inaccessible part of the engine room trying to blindly extract a troublesome anode. Insist on REDZn, constructed with superior design and industry standard milspec anode material, to ensure protection of your most prized possessions: your boat, your wallet and your sanity.