REDZn Engine Anodes are now known as PRO Engine Anodes. Available exclusively at

ECON 101

REDZnRapid Extraction Design utilizes patented ExtractionAction™ to significantly reduce the total cost of galvanic corrosion protection for machinery. The small increase in up-front cost necessitated by the advanced design, unleashes value by completely eliminating the collateral costs associated with traditional threaded design. Servicing REDZnengine anodes is straightforward, reliable and cost effective. Don't blow your boat dollars, your precious time and your good karma on hard to service zincs!


Measuring the real cost of Engine Anodes for the protection of engine components, pumps or other machinery must consider the following elements:


1. Up front cost of the anode

2. Effectiveness of the anode

3. Maintenance cost (Installation/Removal)

Costs associated with stuck anodes which can range from minimal (e.g., a new gasket on an end-cap) to significant (e.g., a new cooler) plus service hours where Murhpy's Law is always lurking. With labor at $120+ per hour and your own personal time at a premium, just one stuck anode can far exceed the cost of the whole set.


4. Lost time on the water


5. Aggravation

Well known to anyone who has experienced the “simple” job of replacing zincs turn into an exercise in frustration. It is this feeling of exasperation that led to the development of Rapid Extraction Design anodes (REDZn). From unavailable or tough-to-identify parts when things go awry to extra trips to the boat and part desks, aggravation abounds when such an easy task is unnecessarily hard.


6. Frustration based mistakes

Regardless of who is doing the work, the best way to ensure high quality, professional results is to have the job go smoothly. People have been known to leave stuck anodes lying in coolers (reducing raw water flow or causing problems down stream), damage threads on coolers, over-tighten cooler end-caps causing damage after retrieving stuck zincs, avoid zinc changes, etc. REDZnavoid all these pitfalls making maintenance and protection of expensive engine components straight forward and reliable.